Mysteriously disappeared 35 years ago a girl was found dead


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Greeley Police Department

In the United States have discovered the remains of girls, nearly 35 years ago mysteriously missing from his home in weld County, Colorado. This was told on 25 July, representatives of the police, according to CNN.

According to police, the body was discovered on July 23, the workers exercise a trench for the pipeline. On the discovery at the scene of evidence and the examination it was established that the remains belong to 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews (Matthews Vicente). Now she would be 47 years old.

The girl disappeared on 20 December 1984. Last saw her about eight o’clock in the evening, when she went to his home. That day at school was the concert choir, the girl home after he drove a friend and his father. Parents Jonelle got home around 22 o’clock and found the front door of the house opened, shoes girls are near the chair, and stockings thrown on the couch. She was not there.

In 1985, the disappearance of Jonelle mentioned in his speech, who was then President of the USA Ronald Reagan. He asked the publisher to publish in Newspapers information about the missing children, to somehow help their parents.

At the end of June it was reported that the body of missing 10 years ago in the US the seller found behind the refrigerator in the store where he worked.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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