Named the most dangerous for children’s health of Russian tourists in the country


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Named countries, in which children of the Russian tourists get sick more often. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the study of the insurance company “Alfa insurance”.

Employees of the company analyzed, during a trip in which countries parents often sought medical help for their children in 2017 and 2018.

First place in the rating was occupied by Bulgaria, which accounted for 29.55% of all cases. In second place was Turkey with 10.08 per cent of the cases. And in this country medical care is more often required for children up to three years.

Third place went to Spain (9.73 percent), followed by Cyprus (6.06 percent) and Thailand (5.73 percent). Completing the top ten Greece (5.3%), Montenegro (3.22 per cent), UAE (2.68 percent), Italy (2.42 percent) and Germany (1.99 percent). For comparison, Russia accounted for only 2.38% of cases.

Earlier in July, the experts asked the users of social networks, in which countries they would never go on vacation. As a result, 64 percent of respondents called Somalia.

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