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Employees of establishments offering menus “buffet”, told about the peculiarities and eccentricities of their work. The thread was started on Reddit by user Tristanmemes123, who urged them to tell “scary stories” which witnesses they became. The discussion became one of the most popular on the platform, collecting almost 50 thousand likes.

A commentator under the name natlach admitted that the Manager of the institution, where he worked for his cousin, forced employees to hold on the counter of expired seafood. According to him, chilled shrimp could have been sitting on the buffet for almost two weeks, while a lot of customers complained about the foul smell.

Another user said that the employee café on the results of the dishes touched the tray of lasagna with dirty hands, and then cut off the melted cheese with her fingernail. “And then threw it back in the pasta”, he concluded. He was supported by one commenter, who, according to him, even saw those who are trying finger foods for the taste or sneezes, holding the dish in his hands.

One user said that while working on the buffet I realized that such places often become the refuge of patients with bulimia. According to him, he always met a couple who came several times a week. After an hour of eating they took the big glass of water and went to the bathroom. He could not understand what was the matter, until he felt in the restroom puke.

Dozens of users have confirmed that repeatedly met such a café, as many of them sat at the table for hours, to separate to the bathroom — to “recapture” the money spent. Many of them were ready to drink from vats of fatty sauces or eating indiscriminately of incongruous products.

Many commentators have stated that it is often seen as the customers of such institutions are going to do everything for food: for example, take off their clothes and use it as the bag to make the institution more available. One of them said he was a witness to “repurchase” from a particularly voracious visitor: the Manager gave Tom a coupon for a large sum, so he stopped to absorb the expensive seafood and left the cafe.

The subscribers of the thread agreed that the staff and visitors of such establishments face each other, as a rule, are rude and unscrupulous troublemakers.

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