Passenger with chronic diarrhea are forced to pay for the toilet


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Josef Vostarek /

Ryanair made the passenger who suffers from ulcerative colitis that causes recurring diarrhea, and extreme fatigue, to pay for aisle seat near the toilet. Reported by the Mirror.

Alicia Dillon from British little Sutton, Cheshire, contacted the airline in advance to have freed this place, given her condition. However, she offered to pay him nine pounds, although the place was free. Consultant in the call centre told her that her disease is not considered a disability.

“I told them I can provide medical proof, even if I have to disclose personal information that is optional, but I still said no,” protested Dillon.

According to her, previously easyJet and British Airways are always free to provide her with this place.

Earlier in July, the family accused the carrier of Jetstar’s racism for the fact that the airline employees would not let them on the plane.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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