Russians warned against mortgage of fatigue


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Monthly mortgage payments should not exceed 30 percent of income. Otherwise, a person may form a “mortgage fatigue” is a dangerous psychological state. This is stated in the materials of Agency “MIEL-real estate office Network”, arrived in edition “”.

Experts recommend that prospective mortgage holders “to calculate the amount of mortgage loan based on income rather than income adjusted to the mortgage.” Those who monthly pays the Bank more than a third of income, feel a strong moral pressure and begin to experience personal problems, stress in “MIEL”.

In 2019, the share of mortgage transactions in the residential real estate market of Moscow region is about 48 percent, according to the Agency. Analysts also conducted a survey to find out how future settlers perceive the mortgage. The results of the study showed that 30 percent of citizens think home loan effective way of solving the “housing problem”. 31 percent of respondents already had experience of purchase of housing mortgage.

About one-third of buyers of apartments, said that wary of financing: according to these people, the mortgage is unpredictable and expensive, so to buy square footage in debt they are not ready. “Despite the fact that the mortgage has long been one of the main ways of solving the housing issues, some Russians still maintained a negative attitude to this tool, dictated by the fear to fail in the timely servicing of the loan”, — the experts.

Earlier in July it was reported that in the first six months of 2019 the Russians took out mortgages at 1.1 trillion rubles. In annual terms the number is for January — June loans for house purchase decreased by 19 percent, to 497 thousand loans. Cash lending volumes fell by 10 percent. The average size of a new mortgage increased 12 percent, from 1.98 million to 2.21 million.

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