Team “What? Where? When?” was forced to rename the case on extremism


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President of the International Association of clubs (IAC) “What? Where? When?” master of the game show Andrey Kozlov has decided to rename the team “the New greatness” Ilya Dumansky. This was reported on the website of the rating teams.

Since June 1, “the New greatness” should be the name of his captain or to choose a new name for confirmation by the Commission on the rating. According to records on the same site, currently a team Dumansky is called “Greatness”.

As reported by “Draft” the team captain, the team has not explained what has caused the decision on renaming.

In April, “the New greatness” was not allowed on the student’s championship on “What? Where? When?” in Tula. As he wrote, “project”, the student organizing Committee of the championship of Russia demanded that the team change the name. Dumansky then turned to the head of the ethics Committee of the IAC Alexander Druz. Famous expert noted that the team name associaciones with the case of the “New greatness”, of the defendants who is accused of organization of extremist community and planning to seize power in Russia through a coup. As a result, the team Dumansky decided to refuse participation in the championship.

In the case of the “New greatness” in March 2018, was arrested ten people. Among them was 17-year-old at the time, Anna pavlikova and 18-year-old Maria Dubovik. Protection of the accused with reference to the materials of the case claimed that the Association was created as a result of provocation of the Russian special services, and the actual Creator and leader of the movement was people, implemented by the security forces.

August 15, 2018 in defense of Pavlikova and Dubovik was “March of mothers”. Later by the decision of the Dorogomilovskiy district court of Moscow, the girls were released from jail under house arrest. 5 Jun them together with the other participants of the “New grandeur” made in the Federal list of terrorists and extremists, although in January 2019, the motion program recognized safe for the authorities, the examination found no extremism in the leaflets of the movement.

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