The alleged killer was found missing in Germany of the Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Polizeipräsidium München

German police have arrested a man on suspicion of murder of two Russians missing earlier in Munich. It is reported by Bild.

According to the publication, is taken into custody 44-year-old Novel by H. Man allegedly killed his 41-year-old wife Maria Vertucci and her 16-year-old daughter Tatiana.

At the same time, where the body is still unknown. “Fontanka” with reference to Bild writes that they are actively looking for in the woodland to the East of the city. This involved a helicopter with a thermal imager, hundreds of people and dogs.

Reportedly, the novel — comes from St. Petersburg and he is suspected of manslaughter. It is noted that the man gives inconsistent readings. According to him, July 13-wife and stepdaughter were going to go shopping, left home and never returned. Novel on the same day wrote a statement about the loss together with the former husband of Mary.

“Fontanka” wrote that the suspect — Roman Shishchenko. He is a native of Tomsk, but most of his life was spent in St. Petersburg. The man emigrated to Germany in the repatriation program in the late 2000s and had no problems with the law.

Earlier it was reported that the police suggested that the missing Russians could be killed. We know that Mary, every two months visiting my dad who lives in Moscow. She also called him every day, but on July 13 the calls stopped. The police ruled out the theory that the Russians could go to another country because their passport was left in the apartment.

About the fact that two of the Russians wanted, it became known on 18 July.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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