The Bank Calvey took up arms against him


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Bank “East” in a fraudulent stock which accused the founder of Russia’s oldest investment Fund Baring Vostok, a U.S. citizen, and Michael Calvey, trying through the courts to block the remaining share of the Fund. Card for the appropriate claim published in the files of arbitration cases.

It follows from that July 24 “East” has addressed in Arbitration court of Amur region demanding the arrest of the Bank’s shares owned by Evision (controlled by Baring Vostok) as an interim measure during the pendency of the principal claim of the credit institution to the Fund.

The main claims relate to several episodes, which, according to “East” inflicted material damage. In one of them the Bank allegedly concluded fictitious contracts on rendering of services with a collection company “national service recovery”. In reality, services are not rendered, which led to the loss of one billion rubles.

The Bank also accuses Calvey and his Foundation in that they allegedly insisted on a disadvantageous deal with Croushi Enterprises Limited. The latter had the duty to “East” and repaid him by passing its own subordinated (placed on special conditions) of the bonds, and violations of the law. Another claim associated with the dismissal of the employees of Uniastrum Bank after the merger of the latter with the “East”. According to the plaintiff, this led to eight billion rubles of losses.

In the lawsuit, “East” pointed out that Baring Vostok and its controlled agencies have the opportunity to “make operation of the Bank” by their actions. To avoid this, at the time of trial paper needs to be arrested, said the credit institution. While the lawsuit has not yet been filed — he’s just preparing lawyers. The court decided to leave the claim without movement until August 14.

Previously, the parties have repeatedly accused each other of violations of the law and the withdrawal of assets from “East”. According to Calvey, namely corporate conflict led to his criminal prosecution. He is accused of having persuaded the management of the Bank to accept as repayment of the debt, First collection Bureau company shares IFTG. All three of the company at the time was controlled by Baring Vostok. According to investigators, the real value of the securities was inflated Calvey dozens of times.

Previously, the company “Vinvin” owned by a minority shareholder of “Eastern” Artem Avetisyan through the courts upheld the right to use the call option (a contract for the purchase of the assets) and to buy out Baring almost 10 percent of the Bank. After that, the Fund Calvey lost control of it.

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