The exhibition of the Ministry of defense about the war in Syria has found cluster bombs


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The Ministry of defense of Russia presented at the exhibition in the Park “Patriot” cluster bombs, the use of which was previously denied. Reported by research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

According to the CIT, the panel found evidence of ammunition in the early summer at the exposition, devoted to the military conflict in Syria. In particular, at the stand called “the Exhibition of weapons and military equipment used in the course of warfare in the Syrian Arab Republic”, was presented by RBK-500 AO-2.5 RT and RBK-500 SHOAB is 0.5.

As noted in the message group, the inclusion of layouts of cluster bombs in the exposition of the use in Syria of weapons actually proves that the Russian aviation allegedly uses such munitions in the territory of the Arab Republic.

In 2016, the CIT issued an investigation on the use of cluster bombs in Syria. Then, these experts, after analyzing appearing in the media photos and videos, concluded that the type of ammunition available in the Arsenal of the Russian military base in the Syrian Mamimi. Also about the use of cluster bombs in the Republic has been repeatedly reported by human rights organizations Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

The Ministry of defence the information that Russia allegedly uses such weapons, denied. As noted by the official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov, at the base of cluster bombs do not, transmit RIA Novosti.

A cluster bomb is a container filled with small ammo. When it dropped from the plane, he disclosed at a certain height over the target and dropped munitions over a large area. This type of bombs are effective against enemy troops and tanks. However, not all bombs are triggered by contact with the target or ground, is actually becoming thus, in anti-personnel mines. As a result, they have often affected civilians, including children, who are attracted by the bright colors of the ammunition, designed to make them visible to the people.

In 2008 in Dublin adopted a Convention banning the use of cluster bombs. It was signed by over 100 States, but Russia, USA, China, Israel and several other countries from the signing of the document was refused.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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