The leopard dragged the sleeping man and ate his leg


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In the Indian state of Rajasthan leopard entered a house and killed 40-year-old man. This publication reports The Times of India.

The incident occurred early Wednesday morning, July 24. The predator attacked the Indian who slept in the open part of the house, grabbed him by the neck and dragged him away. The cries of the relatives of the escaped villagers. They went in search of a neighbor and his body was found 90 metres from the house. The leopard managed to eat the leg of a man and disappeared into the woods.

At the scene gathered a large crowd. Frightened people believed that the leopard would return to the village and will continue to kill. They demanded that the authorities immediately caught the animal. Representatives of forest Department tried to calm the crowd.

In the village of the deceased and the three surrounding villages have installed the cage and put the team for catching wild animals, armed with tranquilizer Darts. They will stay there until I catch the leopard.

In January it was reported that in the Indian state of Gujarat has caught the leopard, which is suspected in four attacks on people. He killed a man who worked in the fields, in two days killed two-year-old attacked an eight-year girl, and then attacked the farmer.

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