The Norwegians declared war on the “Russian salmon”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ildar Azakov / “Kommersant”

Norway faced an invasion of pink salmon, the excess of which in local waters threaten the population of traditional species. Environmentalists warn that its “invasion” threatens the country’s ecological disaster, writes Dagbladet.

Anxiety scientists associated with the life cycle of pink salmon. She lives only two years and die after spawning, thereby contaminating the water bodies in which there are a lot of local fish species. Because of this, all of them in danger, and Norway — an environmental disaster.

The publication calls salmon the “Russian salmon” and quoted Professor of the University of tromsø ava Torstad: “Kill them.”

Association of hunters and fishermen of the commune Sør-Varanger already set up traps for catching salmon near the Russian-Norwegian border. The inhabitants of the County of Finnmark fear a repeat of the record two years ago when I observed a sharp increase in the number of pink salmon. “This morning I caught about 20 of the “Russian salmon”,” – said the fisherman øystein Hansen from the city of Kirkenes.

The USSR in 50-ies organized on the Kola Peninsula fishing for salmon farming. However, it is out of control. Fish in excess of flooded with the coming of the waters, creating risks for their local species. Neighboring countries regularly faced with the “invasion” of salmon last recorded in 2017 in Norway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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