The Russians found in the garage of a capsule with a message to the people of 2000


www.vsyako.netPhoto: IA “Sever-Press”

A resident of Tobolsk Yuri Nikonov found in his garage a capsule with a message to the people who “live in 2000”, reports “Sever-Press”.

A letter in 1985 was written by the students from the Yamal village of Beloyarsk, where the mother Nikonov worked as a librarian. “I guess the event was held in the style of friendship of peoples, and to the laying of the hands never came. In 1992, the mother moved to Tobolsk and, apparently, took a pill,” said the man.

He added that in 1999 his mother died, and many things went to store in the corner of the garage. Recently, Nikonov was doing there cleaning, during which the found artifact.

The document was dedicated to the international friendship of peoples. “We try to give you a pleasant and enriching feeling: how we live — good neighbours, to study well, to read more, louder laugh and not to cry never!”, — said in a note on behalf of the three fourth grade students and one sophomore. A letter signed by the Director of Beloyarsk secondary school.

Yuri Nikonov said that he wants to convey the capsule to its authors, so they found her the correct application.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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