The Russians lied to the police to Thailand and got under court


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Andrey and his wife, a citizen of Kazakhstan, lied to the police and are now at risk of going to jail. This reports the Bangkok Post.

33-year-old Vinil Turan and his 27-year-old wife Camille Khairullina were detained in Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi on Tuesday morning, July 23. However, it is known about the incident was only now. The couple was charged with providing false information to the police and gross violation of the visa regime.

Turan and Khairullina was going to fly from Bangkok to Phuket, but the front Desk said I forgot my passport at the hotel. When they were denied registration on the flight, they went to the tourist police and told the police that they had no passports, and fly them.

Couple was escorted to a nearby police station to obtain statements from the police report is a temporary ID, which would make the airline. However, the police behavior of the pair seemed “suspicious” and they decided to interview the Russian and Kazakhstan in the tourist police office in the presence of officers of the immigration service.

The survey found that the couple did not forget the passports, all the while they were at them in backpacks. The validity of the Thai visa expired more than seven months ago. It was also revealed that the couple have repeatedly asked for statements to the police, each time talking about forgotten passports at the hotel.

Now the pair face up to three years of imprisonment and a ban on entry to Thailand for five years. However, only a few are deported after the court decision and the subsequent execution of the punishment.

Earlier in July, a pensioner from the UK died while viewing a horror movie in the theater in Pattaya, Thailand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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