The waitress secretly deprived of a pregnant woman alcohol and paid


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The waitress told Reddit users as secretly filed a pregnant woman mocktails instead of alcoholic, and came under a barrage of criticism. The thread went viral and gathered about three thousand comments.

The author of the post, remembered how her shift at the cafe, four women and ordered the signature cocktail of the establishment. When the waitress brought the alcoholic beverages, she couldn’t help but overhear that one of the visitors is the fourth month of pregnancy (14 weeks). Then she decided that a few SIPS of alcohol will not bring the expectant mother harm.

However, literally five minutes woman called the waitress and asked to repeat the cocktails. She took the order and persuaded the bartender to prepare one of the drinks without alcohol. According to her, “the pregnant” client did not notice the substitution until I saw the check. The waitress had to admit that she brought her non-alcoholic drinks.

The woman protested, asked to be sent back earlier, left a tip and complained to the Manager. Then management made the employee a reprimand and was suspended from her work. According to the author of the thread, the team condemned her act, and now she wants to quit.

The waitress asked the users of the network, whether it was received. Many commentators have criticized the woman, explaining that she may have misunderstood overheard a snippet of conversation. Others added that she was not entitled to make decisions for others.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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