The wife of basketball player the NBA has confessed to his murder after nine years


www.vsyako.netLorenzen Of Rattota: Chris Martinez / Reuters

The former wife of basketball player Lorentsen sherra Wright admitted that killed athlete in 2010. Reported by the Associated Press.

Athletic in July 2010, was found dead at a house in Memphis (Tennessee), where he lived with his ex-wife. He died from gunshot wounds. In court sherra Wright confessed to the murder of her husband. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison, nine years the woman will be able to request parole.

At the time of death Lorenzen Wright was 34 years old. He was considered missing for ten days. The athlete’s body was found in the woods near the house. Then it was reported that Wright arrived at the home of a former spouse to visit the children.

At the level of the National basketball Association (NBA) Wright played for such clubs as “Memphis Grizzlies”, “Atlanta hawks” and “Cleveland Cavaliers”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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