Traces of an ancient mass murder of children



Portuguese archaeologists have found an unknown grave near the historic town of Silves. Inside the grave okaalis the remains of a child and animals. This publication reports the Portugal Resident.

According to the researchers, the grave belongs to the late thirteenth century, when the dynasty of the Almohads in Muslim Spain. In it, at a depth of five feet, was found a large number of complete skeletons of animals, which is rare. Archaeologists have unearthed the bones of a horse with horseshoes and part of a team as well as the remains of sheep or goat, two oxen, donkey or foal, cats and birds. Under the horse was found the skeleton of a child of unknown sex aged about years.

Scientists also found an arrowhead under the skull of the child. They admit that the boom could fall into soft tissue, however, not clear, could the injury cause death. Perhaps the child died because of military action or massacre, after which his body was dumped in the pit along with the corpses of animals. At that time, Silves there were numerous battles between Christians and Muslims.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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