Utility costs are recognized unaffordable for Russians


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Held in July opinion poll showed that almost a quarter of Russians consider the size of payments for utility services unaffordable for myself. This was reported on the website of the research holding “ROMIR”.

The results of the survey indicate that the majority (81 percent) of Russians as a whole positively estimate the condition of the system of housing and communal services in the region. The main reasons for dissatisfaction with public services respondents indicated the quality of service of the staff (21 per cent), state water supply (15 percent) and heating (10 percent), Sewerage and electricity (9% and 8%, respectively).

The level of prices for housing and communal services the majority of respondents recognized unsatisfactory. Only 8 percent of respondents said the size of utility bills fully acceptable. 27 percent said they would reduce the amount of payments, 42 percent called the amount in the payment high. 23 percent of respondents admitted that utility costs are prohibitive until the inability to pay bills.

A similar survey was conducted by the “ROMIR” in 2016, since the share of Russians who critically evaluate housing in the region declined from 13 to 4 percent. The share of respondents who accept utility payments unaffordable for themselves, increased over the same period from 12 to 23 percent.

“2019 was special for Russia in connection with the new decision of the Ministry of economic development to increase tariffs in two phases. So the possibility of future significant changes in the indicators [of satisfaction with the system utilities], since not very high-rising incomes, the number of negative attitudes to housing may increase”, — said the President of research holding “ROMIR” Andrey milehin.

As previously estimated by analysts at FinExpertiza, in 2018, the debt of Russians for housing and communal services grew at 121.2 billion. The lowest level of payment discipline was recorded in Chukotka, in Igushetia and in the Murmansk region.

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