Woman by mistake twice sent to chemo


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British Lianna Cocain from Devon had two cycles of chemotherapy due to leukemia, and then found out that she had cancer. This writes the Mirror.

Symptoms in women appeared after birth in the first month she had a relapse of Crohn’s disease, followed by fever and cachexia. They were accompanied by arthritic lesions on the hands, pulmonary embolism, and severe pain where she couldn’t move.

The British examined simultaneously six different specialists. Because of the results of the biopsy Kocan asked to return to the hospital for repeated tests, that made her worried. Specialists with full confidence said that she had found abnormal cells indicating acute myelogenous leukemia. The doctor noted that he had seen 100% evidence of diseases under a microscope.

For the reason that acute myeloid leukemia is a dangerous type of cancer, rapidly affecting bone marrow, the doctors insisted on two extra courses of chemotherapy and was planning to do a transplant of that organ.

In preparation for the transplant, the doctors took the woman repeated the tests and found error in diagnosis: it actually suffers from a rare disease known as syndrome Retinue, or acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis. They immediately told the woman that she does not die.

After this incident, the hospital had conducted a full investigation to minimise the risk of recurrence of such incidents.

April 24, a resident of Saratov had your breast removed because of incorrect diagnosis. On the basis of surveys in the establishment of non-oncological profile doctors have found that women with breast cancer. Additional tests the doctors did, and held the patient surgery to remove the right breast. In respect of the employees of a criminal case.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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