Zelensky asked to run trains to the Crimea


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The Ukrainians are asking President Vladimir Zelensky return rail connections with Crimea. A petition posted on the website of the Ukrainian President.

A letter to the President written by a resident of Sebastopol, who left Crimea after its reunification with Russia, and is now a displaced person. The author notes that despite information spread by Ukrainian media, the passenger traffic in the Crimea from Ukraine “very large,” so willing “to reach their relatives, friends and simply to your home” have to face many challenges.

The author writes that people should not “suffer for the pride of the former President Poroshenko, who had initially called for the lack of dialogue with Russia,” and adds that it is necessary to radically change the approach to the existing problem. “Let the return of the Crimea under Ukrainian jurisdiction still far off, at least allow Ukrainians to freely visit the Ukrainian territory in the Crimea. It does not need to build new Railways, infrastructure has long been established”, — the statement says.

Currently, a petition signed by at least a hundred people. To her said the head of state, the document shall be signed by 25 thousand people for three months.

Earlier on the President’s website posted a petition with a request to consider the purchase from Russia of the Crimea and the Donbass. The author of the initiative suggested to the head of state to discuss the price for these regions to Moscow and then to buy them in installments. He stressed that the Ukrainians are waiting for the President’s bold decision, and urged not to ignore this method of returning Crimea and the Donbass.

In June the President of Ukraine asked to cancel the law prohibiting the use of Russian sites and social networks. We are talking about blocking the “Classmates”, “Vkontakte”, “Yandex” and Mail.ru. According to the authors of the petition, the law limits the freedom of man.

Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum held in March 2014. Ukraine, USA, EU members and other countries do not recognize its results and consider the presence of the Peninsula as part of Russia’s occupation. Moscow insists that the process of the annexation of Crimea meets standards of international law.

Ukraine ceased rail links to the Crimea in December 2014.

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