Accused of racism student from the United States lost claim to the Washington Post


www.vsyako.netPhoto: freeze-frame YouTube videos-CBS News

School student in the us city of Covington, Kentucky, was unable to sue for compensation in $ 250 million from Washington Post, writes Nortern Kentucky Tribune. Plaintiff Nick Sandman insisted that being bullied on social networks after publication.

The claim was linked to the material the Washington Post about the disruption in mid-January. Then Sandman’s classmates came to tour the US capital and met with a member of the “March of indigenous people” American Indians by the name of Nathan Phillips.

In the video, filmed during the event, much as Sandman stares at the Phillips performing native American songs, and smiles. The newspaper interpreted the events in such a way that the teenager mocked the Indian and tried to provoke him. He argued that, on the contrary, tried to calm the situation.

After the publication, as stated by Sandman, in social networks it began to slack off and be accused of racism. The court found this fact irrelevant and dismissed the action, citing freedom of opinion and freedom of the press.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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