Acoustic attack changed the brains of the American diplomats in Cuba


www.vsyako.netThe U.S. Embassy in Cubetto: Liu Bin / Xinhua / Zumapress /

Acoustic attack, which in 2017 complained the staff of the American Embassy in Cuba, caused changes in the brains of diplomats. This writes The New York Post, citing a statement from the state Department.

Examination of the diplomats at the University of Pennsylvania using magnetic resonance imaging showed the “staggering” differences between returning from the Cuban people and a control group of subjects from 48 people. They had discovered changes in the structure of the brain and functional relationships.

The initial MRI studies of 21 employees of the Embassy in Havana did not reveal any abnormalities.

In 2016 the American diplomats in Cuba have complained of dizziness, nausea and hearing problems. In the US, the incident tied with sound attacks and in response, deported 15 Cuban diplomats.

The Cuban government has denied the charges. Local investigators believe that the “acoustic attack” could be the chirping of crickets or cicadas. The American side also admitted involvement in the incident the Russian side, however, later abandoned this version.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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