Disclosed the details of the death star “Brest fortress”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: archive of Veronika Nikonova

Widowed 24-year-old actress Veronika Nikonova Petr Markelov told the details of her death. Writes about this portal TUT.BY.

According to Markelov, after the wedding of July 1, they went to Alaska to get to the abandoned bus where he lived and died, Christopher McCandless, who became the prototype of the hero of the book by John Krakauer “Into the wild”.

The incident occurred July 25 on the way back. The girl was carried away by a strong current when passing through the river Teklanika. “2/5 of the way she began to scream: “Help me!”… The water was almost chest… I began to walk towards her, holding the rope. Shouted: “Hold On!” When I approached, her hands broke away from the main rope, and it hung on a safety. She was on the water. I started for the rifle jerks to drag her towards the shore. So it turned out to drag it a few meters. But when I once again turned around, she was under water…” — said Markelov.

He reported the incident to local police and to the Belarusian Embassy in Washington. At the moment, the man collects documents to leave the United States.

Veronika Nikonova was born in Minsk, where he graduated from drama school. At the age of 13 she played in the film by Alexander Kotta “the Brest fortress” in 2010. She later moved to the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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