In Crimea have responded to the request of Ukrainians to back the train across the border


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Yuri Lashov / RIA Novosti

Crimea is ready for the resumption of the railway communication with Ukraine. About it RIA Novosti said the first Deputy speaker of the Crimean Parliament Efim Fix.

According to him, this decision will be beneficial primarily to the Ukrainian side, as it will allow the citizens more comfortable to get to the Crimean resorts. At the same time, Fix expressed doubt that Kiev will be able to establish railway communication with Crimea faster than going first trains over the bridge across the Kerch Strait.

“In order to solve this problem, you need to take not only a political decision, but also to restore the railway line in the Kherson region, which they dismantled. And this in a poor budget of Ukraine is not so easy to do,” he explained.

Fix added that he welcomed the initiative of Ukrainian citizens, whose psychology is changing toward “a peaceful solution”. “Let’s see how to react to the administration of [President Vladimir] Zelensky and the newly elected Parliament of Ukraine at the request of the companies, whether to go to meet its citizens”, — concluded the Vice-speaker.

July 26 at the website of the Ukrainian leader appeared petition with a request to return rail service to the Crimea. “Let the return of the Crimea under Ukrainian jurisdiction still far off, at least allow Ukrainians to freely visit the Ukrainian territory in the Crimea”, — wrote the author. According to him, the Ukrainians, for whatever reasons, coming to the Peninsula face many difficulties.

Ukraine ceased rail links to the Crimea in December 2014. Trains stop at the station Novooleksiyivka Kherson region, not far from the border with the Peninsula. Was also prohibited the movement of buses and trucks. In Kiev called the measure a forced, but temporary.

Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum held in March 2014. Ukraine, USA, EU members and other countries do not recognize its results and consider the presence of the Peninsula as part of Russia’s occupation. Moscow insists that the process of the annexation of Crimea meets standards of international law.

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