Naked Russian blogers slit his throat and hid in a suitcase


www.vsyako.netPhoto: REN TV

The apartment is in the West of Moscow found a dead girl hid naked in a suitcase. It is reported by REN TV.

According to TV channel, was murdered blogger with an audience of more than 80 thousand subscribers. The girl studied in one of the medical schools and lived in a rented apartment. It was discovered the owner, contacted by the concerned parents of the victim.

REN TV found out that the cause of her death was a slashed throat.

Victim’s name is not disclosed, we only know her name is Catherine.

Earlier on July 27, it became known about the death in Saint-Petersburg author’s YouTube channel Road to film. The man died in the sewers on the embankment of Karpovka. Presumably, a blogger with a half-million audience of the channel has fallen from a height, and accompanied his digger gasped.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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