The safety of Boeing 737 MAX nobody checked


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The responsibility for approving work system MCAS in the latest passenger aircraft Boeing 737 MAX, the problems with which, presumably, could lead to two crashes involving these aircraft were transferred to the manufacturer, the Boeing Corporation. Thus, the American authorities were not aware of the intricacies and risks of this system, according to the material of the newspaper the New York Times, citing current and former employees of the Federal aviation administration (FAA) of the USA and Boeing.

According to the publication, MCAS tested only by the manufacturer and is not subjected to stress tests by the FAA, and the development of the system at an early stage by the regulator was watched by only two inexperienced engineers. After the responsibility for the approval of the MCAS operation was passed on to Boeing, a Corporation generally need to give these engineers some data about the system.

This situation resulted in a violation of the regulatory process, which effectively neutralized the oversight powers of the aviation authorities. The FAA, according to The New York Times, “many years” passed on to producers routine tasks to private experts focus on the most important security problems, however, during the development of the Boeing 737 MAX Corporation-the manufacturer was given almost complete control over the plane. Because of this, key staff of the regulator did not know about such important innovations, such as MCAS.

The FAA and Boeing defended the certification of the aircraft. So, in the administration of 26 July stated that the controller methods are well established and thanks to them consistently constructed, safe aircraft. Also, the Ministry noted that employees of the FAA have worked 110 thousand hours in the process of certification of the model 737 MAX. Boeing, in turn, insist that the 737 MAX meets the requirements of aviation authorities, as was certified by them.

On the role of MCAS in disasters involving Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia in March this year reported, citing sources the television channel ABC News. According to him, the aircraft could collide with a bird or other object that resulted in damage to the sensor of the angle of attack, and then activated system MCAS lining liner in the air. The pilots acted according to the instructions and tried to disable it, but it was automatically turned on at least four times, pointed out Reuters. According to the calculations of designers, MCAS should further protect the aircraft from stalling, but if you have activated prior to the dive, it actually contributed to his downfall. The alleged error was later corrected by updating the software, but in dozens of countries, including the United States, continues to operate a ban on the operation of the 737 MAX.

Over the past year in the world recorded two plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX, they killed 346 people. The last crash occurred on 10 March in Ethiopia. The plane crashed six minutes after taking off from the airport of Addis Ababa. All 157 people on Board were killed. Among victims — citizens of 33 countries, including three Russians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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