Turkmen artists called for the torture of opponents of the President


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Turkmen actors, singers and bloggers almost simultaneously released a video message with an appeal not to believe the rumors about the death of the President of the Republic Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. About it reports “Radio Azatlyk”.

“These days in the Internet spread very unpleasant message of a respected President. I have to ask you, you these conversations do not believe it is a lie,” said the actor Agsy of Godunov. He also urged the people of Turkmenistan love their country and President. Detractors Berdimuhamedov be cursed, and their faces need to “burn with a hot iron,” said Golunov.

C had made the same call and singer Selby Tavkhelidze also recorded a video message on Instagram. “He (section — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) is alive and well, thank God! May Allah protect the people and the President of traitors of the Motherland”, she said.

Musician, Begmurad Imanguliev called all who spread the rumors of the death of the Turkmen leader, “bastards and envious scoundrels”. “Like living in the country of the tale, the bastards are able to write such sickening words, as soon as the syllables come out of their pen! We have a wise leader — a sample of the world. The people rallied around him, becoming one soul and body, and forever be loyal to my leader! For the sake of his own President we are willing to sacrifice your sweet life!” he said.

Publication of Turkmen celebrities came out July 26 with the hashtag #duryalan (#stoplog). “Radio Azatlyk” notes that a similar situation was observed in Uzbekistan after the death of President Islam Karimov. Then the local artists also made an appeal not to believe the rumors about the death of the leader of the country. The first reports of the death of Karimov appeared August 27, 2016, officially confirmed this information on September 2. During this time the head of state even made a televised address in which he congratulated people of Uzbekistan with independence Day.

The first message about the death Berdimuhamedov appeared on the night of 20 July on YouTube, by this time he had not appeared in public for 15 days. The message was made by the writer Akmuhamed Wellseparated and caused a great stir in the media. The next day of the death of President Director of monitoring Centre of the Eurasian problem, a political scientist Aslan Rubaev, but that same day he apologized for the mistake. He noted that information about the death of Turkmen leader has denied its the same source that reported it initially.

On 25 July the President of Turkmenistan for the first time appeared before the cameras after reports of his death. The footage, which showed the TV channel Altyn Asyr, Berdimuhamedov with a pointer in hand review of it infrastructure projects for the development of Ashgabat. Also, the press-service of the head of Republic has informed, that on that day, Berdimuhamedov on the phone congratulated the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, happy birthday.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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