Went to the er Choi showed his bloody due to injury leg


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Singer Anita Tsoi told about the injury for which she was forced to go on ambulance with music festival “Heat”. A relevant video she posted to Instagram.

Choi expressed his gratitude for the words of support and assured that she feels well. According to her, the most offensive is the fact that the injury occurred on a “scratch”. The singer admitted that she was going after the red carpet and caught my big toe during a step on the stairs. “Throwing meat to the nail. A sea of blood,” shared Choi subscribers.

As evidence of the singer attached a video of the festival, where she takes off her bloody shoes with a damaged leg and finger is bleeding. In the next scene, the wound Choi treated doctors. They explain that thumb nail completely ripped out.

In addition, the artist explained the strange behavior concert Director, who was shooting the events on video. She explained that the video was conducted for doctors, so it was easier to start the treatment. The singer added that on Saturday, July 27, she’ll be on stage, although at the moment unable to move without assistance.

On 26 July it was reported that the singer left the room, where in the VIP box watching the performance of Grigory Leps, on a stretcher. According to eyewitnesses, at Choi was tied with the leg and the ambulance crew had to lift the singer off the floor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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