Alibasov accused son fled with 20 million rubles


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The son of producer Bari Alibasov fled with 20 million rubles earned by the hype surrounding the poisoning of his father. About this Alibasov told the magazine “Seven days”.

Commenting on pictures from the hospital, which made his son, Alibasov has noted that “young people all want to earn”. “Dad’s dying, but for him is PR,” explained the producer.

He stated that he is on this PR does not work. “My son has earned! 20 million! I say, well, you of this money, though the biscuits I buy. At least $ 100 give me medicine! And he just disappeared. Since then, I haven’t seen him…” — said the showman.

Earlier in July Alibasov named his son and the PR Director of the group “on-On” Vadim Garankina sick people. According to him, they have created a buzz around his poisoning.

Alibasov and he actively participated in television immediately after discharge from the hospital. In this regard, the poisoning is believed not all. Skeptics note that the frequent guest on the television producer says confidently, clearly and not like the man who received burns of the esophagus and survived a coma. In mid-July during the filming of “Let them talk” he beat his girlfriend Liana after she suggested that his troubles began after his marriage to Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

The producer was in the hospital June 4, having drunk by mistake the tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”. Doctors diagnosed him with a maximum degree of burn stomach. It was reported that the producer had been in a coma for seven days. On 17 June he was discharged from the Institute Sklifosovsky.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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