Apparent colour is black and white the confused network users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reddit

The network is gaining popularity of black-and-white photograph, which seems to viewers of color through the mesh top of the image. The photo was posted on Reddit and widely dispersed social networks.

“This photo is actually black and white. Only lines have a color,” signed the author of the post.

Some users admitted that they did not see the lines on the image, while they do not have. Others do not see the grid painted in red, blue, green and yellow, and take the photo in color.

Somebody pointed out that the red lines are brighter than others. “What red line?” — resents one of the commentators who failed to see streaks in the image.

There were also those who sees and colored mesh, and black-and-white photograph under it, but does not perceive the picture in paint. Such people are advised to blink the eyes, to feel the effect. “Just focus on one place and not move a muscle,” recommends the user with nick Tramba.

“Have I missed something? I don’t see the illusion,” he complained branstarksbitch noticed only in black and white photos and colorful lines. “I also don’t see it. Well, Reddit. I’m ready. Does this mean that I have schizophrenia, autism or traumatic brain injury?” was poironizirovat YeOldeVertiformCity.

Earlier in July, a neuroscientist from new York proposed to discuss new confusing color illusion. He asked the users to answer the question, what colour shoes and socks in the photos.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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