Called the risk to go under water regions of Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: National Geographic

National Geographic magazine showed how to change the world if all the glaciers on the planet melt. Modeled on the map you can see that in such a scenario the water will leave the European and southern Russia.

Flooding of these areas will influence the extension of the Mediterranean sea, which in turn will affect the increase in the Black and Caspian seas. This process is also affected Ukraine, all the southern part of which may be under water.

Due to the melting of glaciers forever can virtually disappear such Northern European countries as the Netherlands, Denmark and Estonia. In addition, completely flooding the London and Venice. The Atlantic ocean will disappear, and with it Florida and all the Gulf coast.

Part of China’s territory, which is now home to 600 million people, is also flooded, as entire Bangladesh. Affected and coastal India.

The least damage to the global changes will cause Africa, noted in National Geographic. The Mediterranean sea will affect only Cairo and Alexandria. However, because of the temperature increase on the Earth, this continent can even become uninhabited.

Mediterranean countries will suffer less because of their locality’s mountainous. Within Australia, you may receive the sea. This continent will lose a large part of the narrow coastal strip, which is now home to four of the five Australians.

To melt the entire ice cover of the planet, it would take five thousand years, the magazine notes. The melting of ice contributes to the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which increases temperatures on Earth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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