Israel has a giant poster with Putin


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On the streets of Israel on the eve of the early parliamentary elections that will be held in September this year, appeared posters with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Sunday, July 28, reports The Times of Israel.

As the newspaper notes, such billboards placed by the ruling Likud party and the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. One poster, in particular, hung out at an apartment building in Central tel Aviv. A Billboard depicted the Israeli leader shaking hands with his Russian counterpart. The photo is accompanied by the slogan “Netanyahu: in another League”.

On the other side of the building housed a similar poster, which depicted the Israeli Prime Minister together with the President of the United States Donald trump. As writes The Times of Israel, a Billboard with the American leader has already been used “Likud” during the previous election campaign in April 2019.

The publication says that, probably, the Likud decided to use the image of Putin in his campaign to attract the largest possible number of Russian-speaking voters, who make up about 12 percent of the total eligible votes of Israelis. Therefore, according to The Times of Israel, the ruling party is trying to compensate for the loss of support of the party “Israel Our home”, which was created by the native of the USSR Avigdor Lieberman and was seen as representing the interests of Russian-speaking citizens of the country.

In April, the photo of Putin used in his campaign posters of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Then, on the streets of Ukrainian cities there were billboards, where Poroshenko is “worth” in front of Putin. The caption under the photo collage reads: “on April 21. A decisive choice.” The posters caused a public outcry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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