The best time to return to work after the holidays


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Russians advised to return from leave to work in the middle of the week. This is necessary in order to have less working days before the weekend, says a psychologist at the Central branch of the Moscow service of psychological aid to the population (SPN) Elena Krasovskaya. Its words leads Agency “Moscow”.

“Before going to work preferably two or three days to spend at home, to recover, to be in familiar surroundings. On the first working days it would be nice to not have too heavy a programme: one or two important things and something routine, not very significant,” — said the psychologist.

Krasovskaya also noted that after returning to work do not forget to share impressions about the last vacation with colleagues, thus not “abusing them”.

To include the vacation to the main events of the year is not necessary, because this can lead to frustration, warns the psychologist. “Don’t draw a perfect picture, especially if you go to a new location. Be prepared for the unexpected, do not try to anticipate everything, because not everything runs absolutely smoothly, and it’s okay,” she said.

In addition, Krasouskaya urged Russians not to plan for the holidays any business, because this is the time you need to devote to rest and recuperation. In her opinion, such tasks as “repair, medical examination, writing a thesis or support pupils ‘work too”, but if they still can not do, then you need to “punctuate the load with the rest.”

If to be free from work and other things does not work at all, you should postpone the vacation or to revise his concept. “And most importantly — don’t blame that it was not possible to take a vacation in the summer. Opportunities to gain new experiences is at any time of the year”, — said Krasovskaya.

In June, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that in the future the basis of social and labor contract will be a four-day working week. According to him, the pursuit of success can threaten the Russians with chronic fatigue and constant stress, which in turn can significantly affect productivity.

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