Called effective way to raise wages


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

Personality traits of a person directly affect the level of his salary, and increase it more open and conscientious employees. It follows from the results of the study “the Impact of non performance on the Russian labour market”, held at the Higher school of Economics.

The probability of increase in income above the person disciplined, ambitious, creative, inquisitive, hardworking, with good imagination and desire to achieve, according to the work.

The negatively on the income level affected by neuroticism. So, under the “impact” are emotionally unstable, vulnerable to stress, insecure, reflectors on the consequences of their actions people. Together these features explain about five percent of the salary difference.

The report notes that the presence of positive personal qualities to the same extent reflected in the salary, and the availability of higher education. At the stage of search of work raising the level of integrity increases the chances of getting a job in an average of six percent.

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