Called frightening the Russians of the country for vacation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Zoubeir Souissi / Reuters

Russian travelers refuse to travel on holiday to certain countries because they do not speak foreign languages. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the research company Aviasales.

Tourists from Russia, the fear that you will not be able to read ads and signs in a foreign country and to communicate with the locals. The leader of the list of States who are afraid to visit the Russians, China, and it causes concern for 20 percent of tourists who believe that the signs and inscriptions are not duplicated in English, and not rely on the electronic translator.

For China in the list of alarming Russian tourists countries, followed by Japan (for the same reasons as China) there are afraid to go, 18 percent of respondents. In third place Morocco: tourists believe that Moroccans can only speak French or Arabic. Trip to Morocco avoid 17 percent of tourists.

In the United States because of his poor English, afraid to go 11 percent of travelers. Less than 10 percent are afraid of the language barrier in France, Thailand and Argentina.

Earlier it was reported that the country, where most sick children of the Russian tourists. First place in the rating was occupied by Bulgaria (29,55 per cent of all cases), followed by Turkey (10.08 per cent of the cases), the third Spain (9.73 percent). This is followed by Cyprus (6.06 percent) and Thailand (5.73 percent). The first ten includes also Greece (5.3%), Montenegro (3.22 per cent), UAE (2.68 percent), Italy (2.42 percent) and Germany (1.99 percent).

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