In Moldova, explained the “disappearance” of 800 thousand citizens


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In Moldova explained the abrupt disappearance of 800 thousand citizens, which showed the statistical data. This broadcast Sputnik Moldova told the researcher, Center for demographic research Olga Gagauz.

The publication notes that in 2018 in sociological research has argued that in Moldova there are almost four million people, but in 2019 it was about the figure of three million citizens. National Bureau of statistics claimed that the population of the Republic of Moldova is 2 million 680 thousand people.

According to the expert, appearing in the press after the publication of these data is information that during the year the population decreased by 800 thousand people, is untrue, and arises from an incorrect interpretation of the numbers. Gagauz said that the National Bureau of statistics first estimated the population that has continuously been in Moldova for a year or more.

Earlier such methods were not used because of the illegal nature of labor migration to determine the exact number of emigrants from the country to work was not possible.

The last population census took place in Moldova in 2014. Then, according to official data, the country’s population of 2 million 998 thousand citizens. The results of the last ten years before the 2004 census showed that at that time in the Republic’s population of 3 million 383 thousand people.

In 2018, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, announced the agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Amnesty for Moldovan migrants who violated the migration legislation of Russia.

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