People were asked to record the sex in virtual reality for joy in old age


The company Bangers VR announced the launch of a program by which people will be able to record sex with your partner in VR for storage in the future, reports The Next Web.

It is argued that a program called “time Capsule” (Time Capsule) will “preserve the fully synchronized sexual experience” to play it later, in your old age. In a press release it is said that the experience means video recording in 6K resolution and audio in multichannel format, as well as “the transfer of smells, temperature and tactile sensations”.

The cost of participation starts from 10 thousand dollars (630 thousand rubles) and can grow depending on the wishes of the client. For example, this amount is not included rent beautiful rooms equipped for shooting. Professional shooting and editing of the sex will cost 5 thousand dollars (315 thousand roubles).

The author of the website The Next Web have criticized VR Bangers for this approach to sex as promoting the program, the company supports the stereotype about the lack of sexual desire and pleasure from sex in old age.

He also stressed that the price is unreasonably high, suggesting that the people who would like to make something similar, buy a VR device for themselves.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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