The details of the murder of the Russian blogery


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Blogers, whose body was found in a suitcase in the apartment in the West of Moscow, has caused at least five stab wounds to the neck and chest, reports REN-TV, citing unnamed sources.

According to the information channel, the girl was killed about eight hours before her body was found. The exact cause of death will be established later, but it is known that the victim was stabbed.

Now investigators are examining footage from surveillance cameras in the entryway of the house where the corpse was found. They are seen as the entrance passes a man wearing a cap and a black bag in his hands. REN TV suggested that he could be the key to the front door, or the girl might herself opened the door for him. According to preliminary data, entry time men in the house coincides with the time of death blogers. From the entrance he came in a few hours with a plastic bag and gym bag, on his hands were black gloves.

About the murder of the girl became known on July 27. Criminal case is brought. The investigation confirmed that during the examination the body was found stab wounds in the chest. The motive for the murder, according to REN TV, was jealousy on the part of her boyfriend.

Blogger had an audience of more than 80 thousand subscribers. She wrote about the study, cosmetics and travel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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