The woman decided to hold the wedding without parents and has found understanding in the network


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The lady told the Reddit community decided to hold the wedding without your parents, because they refused to attend the ceremony because of the involvement of her friend-transgender. In the comments many users were supportive of her decision.

A woman named confusedbride2019 explained that they plan to hold the wedding with her future husband in March and have already made the guest list. Best man they chose her friend named Steven (Stephen), who changed the floor.

The lady in conversation with my parents mentioned it. Suddenly, the relatives reacted negatively. “She’ll be in all the photos, we don’t think that’s right,” said her parents speaking about her friend, who was previously a woman. They urged her to refuse the invitation Steven.

According to nick, she had never noticed before for the family of this attitude toward transgender people. In response, the bride just said that in this case parents can not come to the wedding, and ended the conversation. Later the mother called back, offering to pay all the expenses for the wedding if they refuse to participate Stephen. The lady hung up and three days go to the link with the parents.

In the comments most users were supportive of her decision. Many also advised her to contact the parents and hold a personal conversation. Confusedbride2019 agreed with this advice again and promised to talk to his family.

Earlier, the bride and groom sent out invitations to the wedding, which used profanity. Guests were surprised by this step the couples.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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