These symptoms of transformation of Moscow in staging migrants


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Charsiew / “Kommersant”

The building, which is scheduled in Moscow in the framework of the program of renovation that can lead to ghettoization of the city through the construction of settlement areas by visitors. About it “” said the architect, honored Builder of Moscow Alexey Krotov.

“Moscow turns into a transit zone. Here everything for visitors. And for its renovation. But essentially it’s still the same massive building buildings era mortgage. Poor and terrible monolithic boredom,” commented moles plans chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov for the building areas renovation.

The threat of ghettoisation, according to Krotov, is caused due to the construction of multifamily housing up to a height of 31 floors, with poorly secured infrastructure, and uncomfortable life. Such housing, according to the architect, the owners are keen to rent, moving to a more comfortable place. Apartments in buildings renovation demand from visitors, in particular, they are willing to rent migrant workers working on nearby construction sites and markets.

The program of renovation of old housing stock was launched in Moscow in 2017. Initially, the main architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, speaking on the future development of the programme, emphasized that the height of buildings will be in the range from 4 to 14 floors. But then these plans were adjusted: in particular, in Izmailovo district approved the construction of 31-storey building, building height will be 100 meters.

In July of 2019 became aware of the rise in price of housing in areas of renovation: according to Kuznetsov, the increase will affect both new buildings and the old stock next to them.

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