Ukrainians began to buy the Russian housing parts


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

St. Petersburg realtors are reporting increasing demand for the share of apartments by the citizens of Ukraine. It is stated in the materials of real estate Agency “” (have edition).

According to statistics, the company in July 2019, the local real estate market has been a marked increase in requests for shares in apartments, providing the owners accommodation (rooms or parts of rooms). The average cost of a share in the apartment that meets these requirements is, according to the statistics Agency, about 400 thousand rubles. A significant part of the demand for this type of real estate form the citizens of Ukraine, noted in the company.

“Most active in the Northern capital, buyers from the South-East of Ukraine. They’re usually looking for room or share. Dedicated meters can not afford one, so a stop on the second option — share”, — says General Director of “” Igor Abramov. According to experts, the reason for such demand is the need of moving to Russia, Ukrainians to obtain legal status, which they need to obtain permanent registration.

Previously, the company reported a drop in demand for so-called microdose in flats — an area of several tens of square centimeters that are not designed for physical living. The demand for such premises “under registration” fell after a series of parliamentary initiatives on the restriction of the sale of shares smaller than the accounting standards of housing. This norm depends on the region in Petersburg is 9 square meters per person in Moscow — 10 square meters.

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