Airborne forces will lead the large-scale landing since the Brezhnev era


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ministry of defense of Russia

This year, the airborne troops will hold large-scale exercises in recent history. This “news” have informed in the Ministry of defense of Russia.

As noted in the defense Ministry, the scheduled training maneuvers are part of the strategic exercises “Center-2019”. In their course, the troops will work out the operational strengthening the forces, the actions of the light forces and a landing parachute and helicopter assault troops in a mountain-plain area. After that, they will have to capture and destroy a conventional enemy, in particular, a field airport.

In addition, the landing troops will be “blind” for the first time since 1981. Military until the last moment will not know exactly where they go. However, in the opinion of the hero of Russia Colonel-General Nikolai Antoshkin, for trained pilots, this task is not particularly difficult.

Operational-strategic exercises of the army and Navy of the USSR were held from 4 to 12 September. They were involved 100 thousand people and almost all kind of troops.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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