Arrange a hunt for Russian police officers was taken under a strict regime


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Severo-the Caucasian district military court sentenced the Islamists, accused in the murder of two policemen in Astrakhan in 2017. On Tuesday, July 30, RIA Novosti reported.

Figurantov of cases sentenced to terms ranging from 9 to 11 years. Namik Agarnaev, Ahmed Magomedov, Atlihan Nasrulaev received 11 years of imprisonment in colony of strict regime, Magomed Chitayev ten years, and the Factory Nasrulaev, Rasul Usmanov and Efrat Jalilov — nine years. None of them pleaded guilty.

Just a gang of Islamists had 11 people, four of them were participants in the attack on the police. In April 2017, they, being in the minibus “Gazelle”, has provoked road accident with participation of the Nissan March and called the police. At the time of registration of the accident were in the “Gazelle” opened fire from firearms by inspectors and disappeared.

Two traffic police died before the ambulance. Mortally wounded was senior police Lieutenant Vladimir Dyakonov and police Lieutenant Dmitry Schoolchildren. Then the criminals took their guns. In the same month they attacked the fighters of Regardie, and were killed by return fire.

Seven defendants, according to investigators, did not participate directly in the attack, but was part of an armed group and did not turn its activities even after the elimination of his associates.

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