Disclosed the reason for the demolition of a unique library in the center of Moscow


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Moscow experts gradozaschitniki in conversation with the correspondent “Tapes.ru” has uncovered the reason for the demolition in mid-July, the legendary building of the fundamental library of INION RAS. According to them, the complete destruction of the building was provided by the project of reconstruction of the building, which was previously approved by the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

However, several experts stressed that the demolition could have been avoided. “After the fire preserved the core of the rolls, around which was concentrated the administrative offices, — says the inspector of the voopik, guide macquoid Mikhail Dobrov. — At the end of the building survived and has been preserved a small fragment of the third floor with interiors, ribbon glazing and made in Finland shades”.

According to the activist of the “Arhnadzor” Victoria city, after a fire the building should not be razed to the ground, and to try by all means to recover. “Of course, the fire brought great damage to the library of the Institute, she says. — And yet this building was a different future, it just failed. The house was restored and after more severe fires. Both ordinary citizens and representatives of the scientific environment, the architects made at the time for the preservation of the library INION. But their opinion was ignored”.

The project of reconstruction of the building of the library of the Institute was approved in 2017. Its implementation has been the company “Giprokon”, which won the competition in which it participated, only one company — “Ardent M”, proposes to perform the work for a minimal amount. However, with lowered expectations didn’t help “Ardent M”: on closer examination it turned out that the company has neither the necessary expertise nor staff with sufficient experience. So the contest won “Giprokon”.

Some of the issues in a professional environment causes and creative competition, where the representatives of “Giprokon” chose the final reconstruction. During the competition, experts complained about the extremely poor coverage of the “Fate of the building damaged by fire in January 2015, is determined without the involvement of authoritative experts, leading designers and experts, without regard to the wishes of the staff of the INION, as well as no wide coverage in an open information space”, — stated in the message of the Union of Moscow architects (SMA).

However, the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov welcomed the results and tender, and the competition from “Giprokon”. In the spring of 2017 at the meeting of the Architectural Council of Moscow, he spoke of “a rather positive opinion” about the final project. And then six weeks later the Committee gave the nod to start the reconstruction.

The building of the library of the Institute was dismantled in July 2019. Three years later, in its place it is planned to reconstruct the building according to the original project of the Soviet architect Yakov Belopolsky.

The fire in the library INION broke out January 30, 2015 and continued for more than a day. The fire area was 2 thousand square meters, there was a partial collapse of the roof. The fire had lost about 15% of the book Fund. Only the library was kept 14.7 million books.

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