Inept beautician trainee deprived the woman eyebrows


www.vsyako.netColleen Rice Photo: from personal archive

English Colleen Rice lost his eyebrows because of the actions of an inept female interns. Reported by the

37-year-old woman was going to freshen up before the week-long vacation in Tenerife, Spain.

“My eyebrows rose a little more than his normal form, and I decided to pull out,” says Rice.

When she came to the beauty salon, which runs the always, found that her master is busy. The woman agreed to use the services of a beautician trainee. After the procedure, the beautician said that brows need a little draw with a pencil. However, before this Figure got a look at myself in the mirror and found that she had completely shaved the Central part of the left eyebrow.

The Intern apologized, and Rice began to cry. Then came a senior beautician and said that the problem can be corrected by choosing the right tone of the pencil. In the end, the cosmetologists had made her bold eyebrows in Angry Birds style. Rice tried to wash them with wet wipes, but the paint is already ingrained in the skin. In addition, she started having an allergic reaction — her face was swollen.

Rice wrote a post on Facebook with a request to help her fix the situation. He responded to her friend-the beautician, who told her how to draw on eyebrows tinted.

Earlier in July, the Briton Steph O’dell had my hair dyed at the beauty salon, and then went blind for five days, and her head was swollen, increased in size three times.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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