Kim Kardashian showed the charred chest and outraged fans


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The founder of the cosmetic brand KKW Beauty and TV star Kim Kardashian showed the effect of Foundation of own production on a sun-burnt breast. Videos and photos celebrity posted in his Instagram account.

In a series of “before and after” shows that the Breasts Kardashian is reddened due to long exposure to the sun, however, after the hand of the makeup artist put on charred skin remedy KKW Beauty, the redness was gone. “I was burned. Brrrr. This is happening to me for many years. As well, I have my cream for the body” — signed post TV star.

Netizens outraged over the article and accused Kardashian of fraud tan. “Why do I think she burned on purpose, to advertise their makeup?” — surprised one commentators.

“If she really burned, no one could even touch her skin. She is ready for everything just to earn money,” resented another subscriber.

“Perhaps you do not know, but to apply BB creams on the burnt skin can not, so you’ll just make it worse” — criticized the third user.

In June, Kim Kardashian showed the effect of the cosmetics brand KKW Beauty to his grandmother. In the social networks the video shows how a woman deals cream on the hand of her grandmother Mary Jo Campbell, to paint her pronounced veins. When she spreads it with a sponge, veins practically invisible.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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