Member of the TV show mixed up the Prime Minister with sporstmena and became a laughing stock


www.vsyako.netAnton Danilchik: “Love Island”

Member of the British reality show “the Island of love” (Love Island) Anton Danilyuk (Anton Danyluk) were amazed by the other contestants and viewers when I mixed a new Prime Minister and Boris Johnson tennis player, reports the Daily Mail.

The owner of the gym, a 24-year-old danyluk spoke at the Villa with other parties — Belle Hassan (Hassan Belle) and Curtis Pritchard (Pritchard Curtis). “He was a good tennis player?” — said danyluk. “Are you stupid? Even I know that he was the mayor of London,” said the Hassan. He said explained that in the course, but he was sure that Johnson is as well and a professional tennis player. “I thought he was a tennis player. He did not win Wimbledon (international tennis tournament. — approx. “Of the”)?” — insisted danyluk. Pritchard realized the mistake and barely holding back laughter replied: “I don’t think Boris Johnson ever win Wimbledon”.

Danyluk confused the Prime Minister of Britain and former mayor of London with a professional German tennis player Boris Becker. Perhaps the confusion happened because of the similarity of men and of the same name.

The audience was surprised by this mistake and laughed at the party in social networks. “I feel like my IQ is decreasing from watching this [show],” said one user.

Earlier, the party of the “Island of love” amazed the audience when in one of the issues said that he was born in 1999. In social networks, fans of the show immediately felt old.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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