Poroshenko called the withdrawal a “hard opposition”


www.vsyako.netPeter Porosencova: Ivan Kovalenko / “Kommersant”

The former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends to cooperate constructively with monopolistom “public Servants” in Parliament. He told about it in interview to “the Ukrainian truth”.

In the new convocation of Parliament, he sees himself as a man who “is in the form of support of Ukraine”, but will go into fierce opposition if you attempt to turn the country towards Russia.

“In this case my motivation is completely one — to defend the European future of Ukraine”, — he said.

“If someone now will try to replace the decentralization, federalization and thus make the first step towards fragmentation of the country, we notice. We know how not to fall into the trap of the Parliament, and will strictly opposed to protest. But to start I would like with positive,” — he concluded.

Extraordinary elections to the Parliament of Ukraine took place on July 21. The party of President Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” has received record-breaking support for all history of independent Ukraine, after counting more than 93 percent of the ballots she gained 43.14% of the votes. Thus, political power has won a parliamentary majority alone.

Party Poroshenko “European solidarity” took fourth place with a score of 8.12 percent of the vote. Opinion polls showed that Poroshenko is one of the leader dislikes Ukrainians among politicians.

The official results of the elections to the Parliament will be announced on 5 August.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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