Russia has simplified the deal with housing


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Real estate transactions, which is in shared ownership, shall not require notarization from 31 July 2019. This is stated in the message of the Federal cadastral chamber, arrived in edition “”.

A notary is not needed if the operation is carried out simultaneously with all property owners, without exception, say the experts of the Department. Thus, the contract of purchase and sale, gift, inheritance or mortgage a share may be concluded in a simple written form if signed by all owners.

“Due to the innovation, citizens have the right to decide whether they were required to assure the overall transaction with shares of a notary. Because it is often co-owners of apartment, home, garage or the land plot are close relatives which simply no need to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction with each other”, — stated in the message.

In the Federal cadastral chamber believe that the abolition of compulsory notarial fee for the co-owners participating in the same transaction, will significantly reduce the financial burden on citizens. In this case at the request of the owners of any deal as before, you can notarize.

“Notarization provides traders the evidence-base needed to protect their rights and interests in case of litigation — experts stress Department. — Therefore, if at least one equity owner will refuse to take part in the transaction, the rest will have to go to a notary for proper execution of the contract.”

Earlier in July, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged parliamentarians to stop numerous cases of fraud with housing, performed with the help of electronic signatures. He stated that all contracts for the sale of real estate must be recorded live at the notary using the normal handles.

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