The list of dangerous breeds of dogs updated


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

In Russia approved the updated list of potentially dangerous dogs. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the corresponding document, it says on the government website.

The list includes 12 breeds of dogs and their mestizo: Akbash, American bandog, amberdog, the Brazilian bulldog, bully Kutta, alapaha blue blood bulldog purebred, bandog, wolf-dog hybrids, volkosob, Gul Dong, and the North Caucasus pitbulmal dog.

In reference to the document stated that in the process of selection was not the focus on the development of loyalty to the man, in consequence of which features of their behavior are not fully understood. It is noted that these breeds of dogs are genetically predetermined qualities of aggression and power and may pose a potential danger to life and health of people.

Earlier, the head of the center of cynological support of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the Colonel of police Sergey Kachkin said that dangerous breeds of dogs does not exist, and the animal becomes aggressive due to education and training.

In early March, the interior Ministry presented the first version of the list of dangerous dogs, which had 69 species. The list has been criticized from the canine. Later it was reduced to 12 species.

It was noted that the range of potentially dangerous dogs without a muzzle and leash is possible only in a fenced area of the owner. At the entrance to the area should be warning signs. In case of animal attack on humans, the owner can be punished under article about causing harm by negligence

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