The shooter with the festival in the U.S. went through a weapons ban


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Noah Berger / AP

California has one of the most serious laws about guns, but who shot people at the garlic festival, an attacker could easily bypass it. About it writes The Guardian.

The newspaper points out that the state banned the machines, similar to that used by the assailant, as well as self-loading (semiautomatic) rifle. In addition, the minimum age for buying weapons set at 21 years, sell also modifications for faster reloading.

19-year-old attacker simply legally bought the gun on July 9, in neighboring Nevada, where there is no such restriction. He then smuggled it to California. Used it machine similar to a Kalashnikov rifle, reports Reuters.

The Agency notes that the identity of the shooter established — this Californian Santino William Legan (Legan William Santino). It is noted that he was born in Gilroy, where in the end and made a fire. When this young man before the attack posted photos of the festival, and the signatures contemptuously spoke of the event.

Currently, the police are trying to understand the motive Legan. Also study the information about a possible accomplice of the young man.

The shooting occurred at the festival on the evening of 28 July. Young man walked into its territory to bypass the framework by cutting the fence. He then opened indiscriminate fire, which injured 11 and killed three people: six-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl from San Jose and 25-year-old resident of new York. The attacker was shot by police came to the rescue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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